About r. Lusk Studios

Owner, Reese Lusk

It started with a mural. Fresh out of art school I was hired by an interior designer to paint a Williamsburg-inspired scenic mural. Not only was the designer and client pleased, it presented an opportunity to open a business.

Since then the business has continued to grow, evolve and expand. My company now employs a team of artisans that collectively brings to the studio an enormous amount of experience, skill and ideas. I carefully lead the team and curate a body of work providing the design trade with new and exciting options for residential and commercial interiors.

At the center of the company's innovation is a line of gilded textile art panels capturing iconic contemporary and cultural designs with rich pigments in gold and silver leaf inspired by my travels and studies abroad. These beautiful hand-gilded textiles are a perfect art solution for both commercial and residential interiors. Also available in pillows, they add a sense of beauty and tranquility to any setting.

For more information and to see our work, find us at:

High Point Market, Suites at Market Square, Salon, G-7043



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