About r. Lusk Studios

Owner, Reese Lusk

It started with a mural. Fresh out of art school I was hired by an interior designer to paint a Williamsburg-inspired scenic mural. Not only was the designer and client pleased, it presented an opportunity to open a business. With a degree in Fine Arts, it was very exciting to begin a business that supported my love of art.

In the ensuing years, the company has continued to grow, evolve and expand. It now employs a team of artisans that collectively brings to the studio an enormous amount of experience, skill and ideas. I carefully lead the team and curate a body of work providing the design trade with new and exciting options for residential and commercial interiors.

At the center of the company's innovation is a line of gilded textile art panels capturing iconic contemporary and cultural designs with rich pigments in gold and silver leaf inspired by my travels and studies abroad. These beautiful hand-gilded textiles are a perfect art solution for both commercial and residential interiors. Also available in pillows, they add a sense of beauty and tranquility to any setting.

NEW for 2019, I am excited to introduce a bespoke line of hand-finished wall coverings. There are currently a total of four patterns in multiple colors and will be available for sale beginning June 1. Also NEW, form and function meet art in the company’s new beautiful handcrafted drink table. Its solid wood craftsmanship and simple clean lines include invisible wood joinery and delicate beveled edges. Each table is finished in hand-applied plaster, accented in gold leaf and hand-waxed to a beautiful sheen. Available in three original r. LUSK custom patterns including Classic Shagreen, Crocodile and Floral Relief

For more information and to see our work, you can find us:

High Point Market, Suites at Market Square, Salon, G-7039



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